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If someone ask me, what is that aspect of movies, what is worth to see, an unique movie experience, then what should I answer? Why are we watching brainless blockbusters, when we have million questions about the society, what is unspeakable and taboo sometimes. Why we (I meant the society) gave millions of money for disney and marvel for some brainless unreal eye-candies, when some people can make movie what is have ideas, what is have unusual them, and a really nervous storyline. Searching is a taut, a nervous and effectively paced mystery-thriller with a powerful emotional component.screen-shot-2018-07-28-at-3-54-41-pm

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Predator (2018) – Review


What do you need to do to create a remake for a movie, in which an individual film but still keep the original movie values both? It is a really hard to do, because you need to insert the old film (sometimes style and..) values, and show it to a brand new generation. But the new generation might be don’t like the old aspects.  So that is why,  a lot of remakes failed.

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Deadpool 2 – Review | pre- projection


Well, I know the Marvel created films are mainstream, since this, nobody will say the truth about the film. This is the most annoying side of the film critisms, and the mainstream films. The mainstream films over-praisement the best way for the successful critics or movie sites, obviously.

See, I’m not a “Marvel” fan, but my favorite character from the megalomaniac marvel universe, is Deadpool. I like him, firstly I saw him in the game three or four years ago. So I feel I can’t miss the first film 2 years ago, and the second film now. That is kinda guilty pleasure in the first film, Deadpool laughed to the face all overrated marvel superheroes, and he knows how ridiclius the superhero cult in the reality. I liked it, finally, hes a character who can laughed himself, also the marvel can laughed themselves. Perhaps this is just a plan, from Marvel, in which they swallow the money from the superhero parody, before other would do it. In instance, the DC with Lobo.

In my opinion, that’s why the first Deadpool film feel so newish and good. But had an enormous difference between the two films. In the first film had a good and new ideas and thoughts, but in the second film it is’nt. Continue reading

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Avengers: Infinity War review


If you fan of the superhero action fantasy movies, you also like this film.

Well, I never been comic action hero fan, and also I never been a fan of marvel’s film universe. In the past I like some animation DC and Marvel cartoons. Despite this rarely have some comic adaptation, which I love it, like the V, for Vendetta, or Sin City, or Watchman. Marvel’s universe really far from this, but honestly marvel’s have a certain style, which is enjoyable but in my opinion a little mediocrit. However, Marvel’s have some EPIC films, like the best marvel film, the LOGAN, or Winter Soldier and Civil War which is really good.

Honestly I want to see this film, I don’t know why, maybe the hypetrain hit me a bit of…. but I total disappointing after the film. In point of fact, the film is like many other marvel films, a sci-fi/fantasy with superheroes and funny feeling. And in this film, have a very good antagonist.

Bit firsty, technically things total ruined caused by the 30 main charater. The film rushed the scenes, without transitional sceens. Over and above the forced jokes total ruins the drama factor, without the jokes it is maybe works more and more better, I thought. Some main heroes barely can we see, like Steve Rogers, he has 10-15 words in the whole film. But talk about the antagonist, who is the best character of this marvel universe. He has a good motivation, a – little messy, but – good character development, so he is an interesting character. Nevertheless, he has a interesting but total messy plan, and ideology. Clearly THANOS PLAN IS A **** I do not a pacifist, so if he’s mayhem works do it, but it isn’t…. definitely it is an exact problem, but if anybody have some expertise about History or Geography he knows that this plan isn’t works. The Overpopulation and starvation doesent solved if we cut half the population, it is delayed the problems but doesent solved.

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Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi

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Shingeki no Kyojin 2. évad

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